About Us

Asian Defense Fund is a volunteer-based mutual aid group in California empowering our community members with tools, resources, and knowledge for personal self defense. This is a grassroots project that was made in direct response to the huge uptick of violence, hate crimes, and racism against Asian Americans since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspired by the badass granny Xiao Zhen Xie who defended herself against a racist attacker in SF, we want to ensure that our most vulnerable can feel safer in knowing that they're better equipped to protect themselves. We know that we are not a universal solution to deal with systemic oppression, but we do provide a means for empowering our community against personal violence — which is at an all-time high. To us, centering self-defense is healing and helps us protect ourselves and each other without relying on the criminal justice system.

Prioritizing Asian elders, sex workers, Black and Brown Asians, and the unhoused, we aim to provide free self-defense kits to Asians in California. The kits will consist of pepper spray, alarm keychains, 4-in-1 stun guns (optional), and an informational pamphlet translated into multiple languages on how to use each item.

Thank you all for supporting this work and being a part of this collective care.